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Best Tipster verified the best tipsters for more than 20 years experience. The bookmakers and underground syndicates are often behind the fixing of all soccer matches providing by tipsters verified by Best Tipster.

Best Tipster is an exclusive high rollers soccer verified company, managed by one of the most feared and influential underground soccer bookmaking syndicates in the world. All tipster verified are right at the top for manipulating soccer games results all over Asia and Europe.

Combined with a strong network of syndicates in Asia and Europe, Best Tipster are able to provide unbeatable soccer tipster in Asian Handicap, 1x2 Fixed Odds, Over Under and Correct score tips for punter who are investing in sporting soccer or football events. Best Tipster team from includes expert statisticians, professional gamblers, former bookmakers, and former stock brokers from all over the world and all had go thru a filtering to ensure they are the best of the best around the world.

A punter has access to a tipster’s track record so they can select a tipster based on their past information and suits their preference. By recording and providing users with a tipster’s past performances, we ensure users always have access to high-quality tips. This also enables us to quickly and thoroughly verify tipsters and their tips, making us a leading tips verification authority. It’s easy for a platform or website to make a claim, but it’s hard to prove the same claim when it comes to professional tipping. This is because tipsters that do put out their information and statistics tend to be inconsistent in their results, and it’s unreasonable to expect several tipsters from the same platform to all perform well at the same time.

Punters and bettors have little to no way of verifying how accurate the tips available are. Other platforms can also record and publish information relating to past bets and the performance and consistency of their tipsters but don’t do so for the benefit of their customers. In some cases, it’s not possible to verify, and in others, platforms may not have the right infrastructure to verify and publish a tipster’s performance. To bridge the gap, BestTipster verifies tips and creates a safe portal for bought and sold tips. Before any tips can be listed on the platform, the tips and tipsters go through a vetting process that uses database matching, record keeping, and tabulating data so that punters know they can make the best soccer bets today. By matching our existing data and keeping a record of the same, it’s easy to differentiate authentic and genuine tips from scammers. For more information please contact our customer services in our contact page.

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